Success,failure,shame:mixed feelings

Success is the most admired,most hugged, cheered
Failure is the most downtrodden,most scorned
Shame is the most shied from, most denied
Success is the most subscribed,
most  peered
Failure is the most vulnerable,the most insulted
Shame is the most orphaned word, most betrayed
Success is the most televised,most glamorized
Failure is the least project,
most forgotten
Shame is the most threatened,
most detached
Success is most associated, most sung
Failure twisted by history, 
bent by lies
Shame disturbed by controversy.  
©Matthias Adegoke (dedicated to the Unknown the world over and still remain fearless to the top).

© ADEGOKE matthias

Good To Dare

This afternoon being hungry I went after my leftover meal of rice which I took for breakfast earlier,i opened the pot of my food and saw tiny sugar ants and according to information I had years back I knew that they were harmless and I went on to eat voraciously. Before I got through savaging it the ants left and pronto like hungry ISAAC Newton I got  through my urge.

© ADEGOKE matthias

My multiple love affair:events and items I can’t ignore.

The withering grass I am love with you
To the forsaken I am in love
To the orphan I am in love
To the pots that give me dish I cherish
To my investment I cherish
To the chair I sat on I love
To my cheerers I love
To my weakness that bares me I love you
To my siblings that share me I love you
To the brain I  consult I love
To the good,bad and ugly I  love you
To the dogs that are loyal I love you
To my sweetheart I love you
To the world  I live in I love you
To the heaven I would rest in I love
To my final  hours I love you
To those I had angered I love you
To my past I love you
To my present I cherish  you
To my future  I love you
To God made mine  I love you
To my street I love you
To my waste I love you
To your love I love
To our love I  cherish.
To my siblings :Elizabeth,Deborah,James,Maria, Hannah,Dorcas,Emily,Grace and John.

© ADEGOKE matthias

Twenty sixteen: farewell mind

This Gregorian segment of eternity is making it’s  final appearance out our view in few hours,
therefore it’s  going with people’s rancour though there war allover.  
It’s  going  with people’s dirty dishwater but our hands are soiled with crime.
It’s going in peace though there are parcels of chaos the world over
It would give way to a new world order though the present order we are not ready to part from our shoulders.
It’s going  with all the rot in the farm place,office,waterside though humans are not here to part  with that within.
She is going with all the green grass,fresh fruits,fresh milk though no one can tell what next
It’s giving us the chance to bell the cat but the predatory Lion gets it full meal
It’s  gives a go at fresh breath though we are ill prepared
It’s on this note that I await twenty seventeen’s arrival.
-To my biological heroine:Madam Arinade Alice Adegoke

© ADEGOKE matthias

Blog’s Man And Woman Of The Year

Since the break of dawn I had being working  on those to be this blog’s Man and woman of the out going year, in retrospect I did choose former Nigerian president  Dr Goodluck EKELE Jonathan for 2015,not that I see him as a saint but after all my admiration for  him this stands out:conducted free and fair elections  and left office in good faith, but back to my current people,billionare ROBERT Smith, for his attention and charity to the rescued and the rest to come Chibok girls in Maiduguri Northern Nigeria and Mrs Anyanele,who motivated and saw greatness in the first and former Polish Nigerian lawmaker, John Godson.

Fledgling Author

This to let you in to my mind,my heart,i had learnt to use the pencil,the pen, the crayons,notebooks and many more elementary tools I was introduced to in my tender ages, wrote, drew pictures,tore textbooks, deface some, designed some art jobs, ran to clear chalkboards, sometimes reluctant to attend classes,lots of tuition fee were paid on and for me. Lots of noisemaking and punishment,late arrival to school, fell ill, had reptiles attack, got stung,made lots of friends,was a bully and was pushed around too. Lots of deadline to finish assignments, to submit tests and examinations. Lots of authors read Cyprian ekwensi, wole soyinka,many famous and not too known writings. Inquisitiveness that fed my mind,patient and harsh teachers as well as tutors, nights and days of reading  and admiring  diverse activities and activists like Gani fawehinmi,ken sarowiwa, extra classes day in day out. Hmmm,the newbie author is in your hands,heart and eyes,cherish him.

Judgement,you may pick yours

In my silence am I fair
In my silence  am best
In my thrill is happiness?
In my frame is the shape best
In my liberty do I share
In love do I Care?
In wisdom is that all?
In my harvest do I store?
In my peers do we gain?
In my tears do I learn?
In my glide do I soar? 
In my birth is there gain
In my pay do I help
In my years am I felt?
In my flare do I snare? 
In my conclusions was I there?


(dedicated to the memory of my father,  Sunday Aremu Adegoke Odeniyi.