Questions ???

This dread abstract entity many are afraid of,few admit and minute accommodates it for progress.
Questions have  lead to technological  advancements,have lead to retrogression and subjugation
Questions have lead to knowledge,have proffer   answers
Questions had led to peace, had led to war
Questions have lead to birth ,had led to death
Questions had led to errors,had led to corrections
Questions had led to greed, had led to contentment
Questions had built nations, had torn nations
Questions had led to plenty, had led to waste
Questions had led to fear, had led to happiness
Questions had led to questions, had led questions being questioned
Questions had made people, had mar people
Questions had strengthened us, had weakened us
Questions had made high, had made low
Questions got laurels,had got whip
Questions got us assessment,got us spite

Questions have lead to matriculation,had led to convocation
Questions had led to admissions,had led to valediction
Questions have lead to professions, had led to confession
Questions invite all, but few are here.
Questions had led to love, had led to hate

Questions are not exhausted,had led to research
Questions are ours, we are question’s.
(PS:Question can and may lead to achieving you, keep and answer questions in the mill of your mind.)  your views and comments are deeply appreciated.

© ADEGOKE matthias, fb: madegoke2,tw:matthias Adegoke,google+,linkedin:matthias Adegoke

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