What I enjoyed twenty-four hours ago

Woke late than usual, took some sachet water brushed my teeth,perused an area  of interest in my John c. MAXWELL leadership Bible and kept it aside .Ate some carrots,later I decided to fry  some eggs alongside bread and  while attending to some business  issues left my hot vegetable oil on the electric hot plate next door and when I had made attempt  to uncover  the lid, the pot and vegetable oil came aflame,the lid hurt my right  thumb and i threw away the lid and maintained my calm.    Afterwards I  went for the switch,went I got  to it a smart  guy had put it off and later another not too smart guy made attempt to put off the flame by water in a bucket, I prevented him citing that he could  be electrocuted,many were scared but a guy whom is into electricity related course  praised my courage in handling  the domestic  fire and citing that most effects of domestic hazards are caused by panic by the people involved. Had some discussion with my friend on the Nigerian chibok girls, the government and later people’s attitude .I was at my supplier’s place to collect seven crates of eggs  and earlier was reading Naura Hayden’s:How to satisfy a man every time.

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Hate Or Love

Hate or hatred and love are potent tools, which no human being  when he or she is born factually brought to the  world except he or she acquired it by self or through the society he or she finds herself.
We all over the world can maximize  any of the two like Adolf Hitler, or like Mother Theresa,Nelson Mandela, and some few living good women and men. As a small urging voice  I  plead we continue  with the latter. Addressing these attributes today is to be a continuous reminder because lots of thesis,talks and diverse  media had been used to cite them and till the end of time will continue so.

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Questions ???

This dread abstract entity many are afraid of,few admit and minute accommodates it for progress.
Questions have  lead to technological  advancements,have lead to retrogression and subjugation
Questions have lead to knowledge,have proffer   answers
Questions had led to peace, had led to war
Questions have lead to birth ,had led to death
Questions had led to errors,had led to corrections
Questions had led to greed, had led to contentment
Questions had built nations, had torn nations
Questions had led to plenty, had led to waste
Questions had led to fear, had led to happiness
Questions had led to questions, had led questions being questioned
Questions had made people, had mar people
Questions had strengthened us, had weakened us
Questions had made high, had made low
Questions got laurels,had got whip
Questions got us assessment,got us spite

Questions have lead to matriculation,had led to convocation
Questions had led to admissions,had led to valediction
Questions have lead to professions, had led to confession
Questions invite all, but few are here.
Questions had led to love, had led to hate

Questions are not exhausted,had led to research
Questions are ours, we are question’s.
(PS:Question can and may lead to achieving you, keep and answer questions in the mill of your mind.)  your views and comments are deeply appreciated.

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