Twenty sixteen: farewell mind

This Gregorian segment of eternity is making it’s  final appearance out our view in few hours,
therefore it’s  going with people’s rancour though there war allover.  
It’s  going  with people’s dirty dishwater but our hands are soiled with crime.
It’s going in peace though there are parcels of chaos the world over
It would give way to a new world order though the present order we are not ready to part from our shoulders.
It’s going  with all the rot in the farm place,office,waterside though humans are not here to part  with that within.
She is going with all the green grass,fresh fruits,fresh milk though no one can tell what next
It’s giving us the chance to bell the cat but the predatory Lion gets it full meal
It’s  gives a go at fresh breath though we are ill prepared
It’s on this note that I await twenty seventeen’s arrival.
-To my biological heroine:Madam Arinade Alice Adegoke

© ADEGOKE matthias


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