Fledgling Author

This to let you in to my mind,my heart,i had learnt to use the pencil,the pen, the crayons,notebooks and many more elementary tools I was introduced to in my tender ages, wrote, drew pictures,tore textbooks, deface some, designed some art jobs, ran to clear chalkboards, sometimes reluctant to attend classes,lots of tuition fee were paid on and for me. Lots of noisemaking and punishment,late arrival to school, fell ill, had reptiles attack, got stung,made lots of friends,was a bully and was pushed around too. Lots of deadline to finish assignments, to submit tests and examinations. Lots of authors read Cyprian ekwensi, wole soyinka,many famous and not too known writings. Inquisitiveness that fed my mind,patient and harsh teachers as well as tutors, nights and days of reading  and admiring  diverse activities and activists like Gani fawehinmi,ken sarowiwa, extra classes day in day out. Hmmm,the newbie author is in your hands,heart and eyes,cherish him.



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